Who we are


Rural Agricultural and Social Development Organization-Bangladesh (RASDO-Bangladesh) is a not-for-profit development organization working to ensure sustainable livelihoods, promote human rights, and build capacity of the poor, disadvantaged section of society, which is exposed to natural disasters, various forms of discrimination, frequent human rights violations, and lacks access to proper healthcare, government’s social protection measures, basic education, and easy-to-avail income-generating opportunities. In existence since 1996, the organization has been working through intense engagement with local communities in four districts and eight locations across the country. RASDO-Bangladesh has its roots in the aftermath of the disastrous 1988 flooding which sent nearly three-fourths of the country’s landscape under water, claiming lives and destroying crops and properties. In Gazipur, which stands on the bank of the treacherous Turag River, some local youths came close to the disaster-hit people and watched the harsh realities they were facing while conducting voluntary relief works.  They were involved with the national and international NGOs that came forward to provide succor to the victims of this deluge. In the process, the youths realized that mere relief and rehabilitation operations would not end the scourge of distress of the victims permanently and bring about sustainable development. It needs need-based, participatory programmes with definite goals and objectives. When they shared their ideas with the donor agencies, some of them responded positively. With further efforts, they founded RASDO-Bangladesh in 1996, mainly to strengthen the capacity of the targeted beneficiaries and create opportunities for bringing them in the mainstream of development. The organisation always puts particular emphasis on women empowerment, gender equality, human rights, and environmental protection. Through its two decades of work, RASDO-Bangladesh has become a symbol of hope for the poor local community.